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Roger Sanchez Web Developer, Designer & Site Account Manager

About Dynamico Designs
Roger Sanchez – Dynamico Designs

Thanks for reading more about my web development and web design company DynamicoDesigns.com. DynamicoDesigns.com is owned and operated by Roger Sanchez; a full-stack web-developer (PHP). Dynamico Designs serves specialty clients with website development, website design while also offering scheduled account management/maintenance for individuals, hobbyists and businesses within the Phoenix, AZ area (and select international clients). Dynamico Designs has been actively developing and designing websites since 2004. One hugely important thing I understand in web-development is the difference between ‘longevity’ in the field and actual ‘moving forward’ with the latest trends regardless of years in the field – understanding this difference is key for the proper longevity, security and exposure of your site.

Why Choose Dynamico Designs?

Some website developers and website designers and are ‘just fine’ with using their basic coding skills without getting familiar with the latest website trends; They develop sites that sometimes look either good, are developed coherently, professionally and proficiently, but more often than not, it’s one or the other and even that is not enough – Your website is supposed to work for you and your intended website audience; not solely only have a web-name and basic information.

In my career, I’ve developed websites and designed websites that have both aesthetically pleasing design – fit to the client’s expectations – as well as ensuring I suggest/offer the latest trends that could aid in their website presence (web presence) and draw their intended audience closer, ultimately leading to a goal-oriented solution for them and their customers – it’s, after all, about their audience first and foremost which drives success and satisfaction to all when everything is done correctly.

One Other Item that Sets Dynamic Designs Apart from Your Average Web Developer

As our clientele has grown, some individuals prefer to take over the maintenance of their site on their own. We found that this would lead to outdated security updates, outdated plugins, mismanaged content, and more than enough e-mails and phone calls to take over a day. We have answered that by now offering maintenance plans that will manage every aspect of your site’s security, features, and bug-fixes that show up from time-to-time. Please review our ‘Packages and Rates’ page for more information about this optional package.

What Else Can You Expect?

In addition, Dynamico Designs follow cross-browser friendliness (ex: your website in Internet Explorer could appear different in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, FireFox, etc.); cross-platform friendliness (Mac, PC, etc.), as well as mobile-device friendly (Android, iPhone, etc.) – Just because it looks great on your computer doesn’t mean it looks great on someone else’s computer: these subtle differences aid in determining how well (or not) your website is perceived by others and your potential longevity – and this is just the beginning: the rest of your website presence (or, web presence) is about consistency of communication with your intended (and unexpected) audience.

So, if you’re seeking a professional website developer and/or website designer, seek no further and contact Dynamico Designs today to find out what we can do for you more in-depth!