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Why Should I Choose Roger Sanchez at DynamicoDesigns.com?

As one of the self-proclaimed best web developers and web designers in the Pagosa Springs and surrounding areas, the answer is simple: I know the web! I understand what your website needs to be competitive. I’ve been developing websites and designing websites since 2004 and have helped many clients reach popularity and rank from local acclaim to worldwide status with my efforts, ideas and work. In addition, my ideas has made differences in many business and indidual online presence. I don’t just develop websites and design websites; I also understand the reality of the changing trends of the web and keep up-to-date with these and bring that understanding to you in the form of ideas, application and personal ongoing enrichment in my field – I’m not a weekend website designer.

In addition to that strong statement, I have a list of other reasons why I beat the competition:

– I’m direct and truthful with your website presence and social media presence: I let it be known if an idea would work and back it up with statistics, not emotion – if it will not work, I will let you know. I will not sugar-coat anything: sugar coating never gets you far and only hurts your business from embracing the truth and working head-strong to not let any problems hinder your business.
– I have clout unparalleled by many others in the industry: an ‘honors’ certification (Digital Imaging Technology Certification from Spokane Falls Community College), a Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor’s of Science in 3-D Animation), and over eight years active experience total (and counting) in the field with a focus on Social Media, Website Development (web development), Website Design (web design), Content Management Systems, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Trending Methods, Self-Branding, Social Media and more!
– I’m not the ‘nephew who can build you your website on his free weekends – No, I’m waaaay better than that ; )
– I ensure you’re indexed in Google and other major Search Engines, and prepare your Analytics and quantifiable statistics.
– I supply tutorials for you to understand how to use your websites to update content on your own once your website(s) are complete – this ensures your personal touch and success to follow.
– I ensure your website looks good on Windows, Mac, iPad (non-Flash supporting device), iPhone (non-Flash supporting device), Android Phone, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, FireFox, etc. – basically, I ensure your website looks good everywhere so that your website is able to be viewed by any platform. VERY FEW WEBSITE DEVELOPERS/DESIGNERS UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF CROSS-BROWSER & CROSS PLATFORM FRIENDLINESS – I understand it’s my responsibility for your exposure to understand how to ensure all my websites are available on all platforms so you don’t leave out any of your audience (example: most website designers and developers usually develop for ‘one’ or ‘some’ audiences [PC users, FireFox users, etc.] – I refuse to make that mistake to your business: I develop for ALL.
– I’ve been a huge key component of several bustling businesses online and continue to accommodate most of them on a consistent basis with anything they need.
– I didn’t ‘teach myself’ the skills I know – I am educated, have accredited certifications and a degree to prove my effort – and also continue my education online through tutorials of the latest trends, and master them for the benefit of my client (I’m not like most ‘website designers/developers’ who like to keep building with the same old code and techniques they’re used to; I keep honing my skills for the benefit of YOU!
– I have the understanding that in this day & age, you can’t get by on a stand-alone business alone if it isn’t being talked about online: check out the stats – businesses are rated by everyday people online every minute! If you’re avoiding the internet, you could be avoiding what your current online presence looks like – I teach you to embrace that criticism, should there be any, and to remedy any issues that arise as well as keep people talking about your business consistently so that they continue to come to you!
– Oh, and I’m a very cool guy who knows what he’s doing ; )
This is just a small list of why I’m the person for your online website project. If you’re ready to hire a cool dude to develop your website and more, contact me today, or even if you still have an itch to ask more questions on what I can do for you!